"Great entertainment at Oak Point tonight!! Loved every minute!" 
- J. Defelice

"Divas you are fabulous! Thank you for entertaining us at oak point! I loved your band and your show! Hope you come back for Christmas!"

- D. Hunt

"The Divas with a Twist are just an incredible group. Not only did they provide amazing entertainment at our fundraising event last night, but also made sure that all of our guests had a great time; working the crowd and getting everyone up to dance. They set up and broke down their equipment in no time at all. The ladies and the band are pure pros. Thank you Divas! Our guests will be talking about our event for months!"

- J. Sullivan

"Merry Christmas everyone. I just spent the evening at the Spire in Plymouth watching "Divas with a Twist", a group of five very talented ladies that I knew from other shows but had never seen this act before.  What a great evening of fun, laughter and entertainment. The first act was their new Christmas segment and it was wonderful, especially the arrangements that were reworked for already well known Christmas Carols. These five ladies voices filled the place with the Christmas Spirit and their blending of their voices and harmonies were spot on.  The second act was their usual faire of rock, jazz, disco and even a smathering of rap. It was so fast moving and fun, in my opinion it went way too fast and I was wanting more.  I can guarantee that if you see these ladies playing somewhere, and you don't go see them, you will be missing an event no one should miss.  Your face will hurt from smiling and your feet will hurt from dancing in your seat. Go see Divas with a Twist if you can. An out and out sheer evening of entertainment and fun. Congrats to all five ladies and their three musicians, Rick, Tom and George. Can't wait to see what you do next!"

- B. Boyer

"Loved the show!  Everything sounded great!  The band was so good!  Loved Long Train Running and Pinball Wizard. You ladies can sing the phone book!  See you at your next show. We are officially groupies!"

- S. Venturelli

"We  recently hired Divas with a Twist for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Joyce was so easy to work with.  She responded immediately to all emails and put together a customized set list that was just right for my daughter. The event went amazingly well. Everyone was raving about Divas with a Twist and asking how I found them. They are so talented, energetic and personable. One friend said we should have a party, just so they could play more.  I'd hire them again in a second." 

- Lisa Tanzer

"Absolutely fantastic Diva Show last night!  You ladies really know how to ROCK on a Tuesday night!!  The Company Theatre came alive with Divas in the house. The musicians were spectacular!!  We had a ball dancing to the music!  Bravo Divas!"

- P. Dilillo

"We were blown away by the performance by Divas with a Twist tonight! Congratulations on a tremendous show to a full house!  Fabulous!  Fabulous!!" 

- J. Rizzo

"Great job at The Company Theatre tonight!  The performance was over the top and you were awesome!!"

- Marie Manupelli

"Divas rock the house on a Tuesday night!  Amazing performances by all the Divas!  Amazing band Rick, George and Tom!  Congratulations to everyone."

 - P. Avitabile